Grazing Boxes

Mini Box


Perfect for a meal for 1 or Happy Hour for two! One cheese, One meat, fruit and nuts all in one handy package! **Minimum Order of 5 Mini boxes for free delivery**


Picnic Box


Our picnic box includes two cheese and one meat, one spread (smaller portion size), crackers, fruit and nuts. It will feed 3-4 people for appetizers or 2-3 for a meal.


10x10 Box


Our 10x10 Box includes the following:

Three Cheeses, Two Meats, 1 spread, Olives, Marinated Mushrooms or Cornichons, Fruit, Nuts & Crackers


12x12 Box


Our 12 x 12 Box includes the following:

Four Cheeses, three Meats, 2 spreads, Olives, Marinated Mushrooms & Cornichons, Fruit, Nuts & Crackers


16 inch round


If you like our 12x12 box, but it just isn't enough, our 16 inch round is perfect for you!  This one comes with the same ingredients as the 12x12, just more of the cheesy and meaty goodness that you love!


Heart Shaped Platter



Three Cheese, two meat. Nuts, fruit and something sweet.


*Crackers can be added for a small charge.


Gift Certificates

$15 and up


Why not give the gift of grazing with our new grazing certificates! Gift certificates of any denomination of your choosing from $15 up. They can be redeemed for any and all services we offer! Maybe a private dinner party or a birthday party table? Grab yours now.

Other Offerings
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